Cultivate with Precision

Plug into your environment with advanced grow medium and air sensing. Tune your nutrient solution strength, VPD, and other parameters to correct microclimate issues before they impact yield.
Crop Steering

Visualize the impact your fertigation routine has on your plants’ roots and grow medium. Set thresholds and get notified when conditions are out of range.


Group your sensors in zones to monitor large operations.

Environmental Analytics

Advanced and seamless graphing unlocks new insights.

>30x Wireless Range

Sensors stream data 24/7 with >30x range of WiFi or Bluetooth sensors.

As a seasoned cultivator, the growbud sensor has been a phenomenal addition to my toolkit. Seeing the pore EC tells me exactly how much leftover food’s in my soil. Now, I tweak my nutrient solution just right – my plants are loving it!

Maggie F.

Quintessential Botanicals

Get connected in minutes.


Download the Growbud app from the App Store or Google Play. Follow the in-app instructions to connect to your Growbud using Bluetooth.

The Growbud web app is an advanced data analytics tool that all customers have free access to. First time users should use the mobile app to set up sensors and create a Growbud account. After connecting your sensors follow the link below to login to the web app from any web browser.

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