CO₂, Temperature, Humidity Sensor

✅ CO₂
✅ Air Temperature
✅ Humidity
✅ Vapor Pressure Deficit
Connect direct to the free Growbud app with Bluetooth, or for large sensor installations use with an optional Growbud Gateway to allow the sensor to automatically stream environment data from up to 2 miles away 📡


Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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Elevate your horticulture setup to new heights with the Growbud CO₂, temperature, and humidity sensor, designed specifically for indoor grow rooms. Maintaining an optimum level of carbon dioxide (CO₂) is crucial for enabling your plants to undergo photosynthesis more efficiently, ultimately promoting faster growth and higher yields. Our sensor provides real-time monitoring and precise data, ensuring that your plants thrive in an ideal environment.

Key Features:

Highly Accurate Measurements: Our CO₂ sensor provides precise measurements allowing you to make informed decisions regarding ventilation and air quality control.

Real-Time Monitoring: Obtain real-time data on CO₂ levels with fast response time, ensuring you can react quickly to fluctuating air quality conditions.

Easy Installation and Operation: With a user-friendly interface and straightforward installation process, setting up and operating the sensor is hassle-free.

Long-Term Stability: The Advanced CO₂ Monitoring Sensor is engineered for long-term stability and low maintenance, providing consistent performance over time.

Smart Connectivity Options: Ultra long range wireless connectivity allows you to seamlessly connect and monitor a large number of sensors.

Data Logging Capabilities: Keep track of air quality over time with the sensor’s built-in data logging feature, facilitating long-term analysis and reporting.

User-Adjustable Alarms: Set custom alarm thresholds to receive alerts when CO₂ levels surpass your designated limits, ensuring immediate awareness and action.

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